4 Years & Under Open Gym

  • Fri 9:30am
  • 4 & under

The 1st Friday of each month is FREE ~ use code “Free-Friday” Every other Friday is just $5 per family! Only 1 person per family needs to register. We want to encourage a love of movement and safe play that will last a lifetime! This is an opportunity for your little ones to get moving, and you with them. Enjoy our foam padded carpet, heated floors, Nerf equipment, rings, and obstacle course (reconfigured for toddlers)! Our warped wall run-up wall has become a toddler warped wall! NOTE: 4 years old and under only, no exceptions.

* Note: Due to the popularity of this program and the number of toddlers/babies on the gym floor, we must limit the attendance to 4 year old’s and under. (Parents must be on the gym floor at all times during these sessions.) We offer daily opportunities for 5 year old and up to attend open gym sessions. See the schedule for class opportunities.

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LifeKour Academy
Eudaimonia Human Flourishing Center
4471 Parmalee Gulch Rd.
Indian Hills, Colorado 80454
(833) 568-7474