Ninja Archery (June)

  • June 15-19, 7am-6pm
  • 5-12 years old

Students will learn mad ninja skills to take on the battlefield!  Then they’ll Dip, Dodge, and Dive for cover behind our inflatable bunkers, walls, and through 12 acres of trees and obstacles. Students fling soft foam tipped arrows at their opponents. Don’t get too comfy behind that wall, the other team is flinging arrows at you too!

Fun games keep students moving, and have fun with fellow students!  Students learn teamwork, hands-on course building, and confidence through setting and conquering goals!  Various groups of teams created based on age and size. (5-10 & 11-14 years old).

Available 7am-6pm – Only $300!  Register for one week or more.  REGISTER TODAY! 
Call #833-568-7474 or Register below!

WHAT STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: Lunch/snacks, full water bottle, clothing layers, apply sunblock prior to arriving, and a great attitude! 🙂


  • No more than 10 children in one group.
  • Keep groups of children together with same staff, when possible
  • Encourage employees and students to conduct daily temperature checks and monitor their symptoms.
  • Require anyone exhibiting any symptoms or signs of sickness to stay home.
  • Hand washing upon arrival and throughout the day.
  • Limit the number of child-staff and child-child interaction in common spaces, as much as possible.
  • Encourage 6-foot distancing where possible.
  • Stagger meal/snack times by group.
  • Disinfect all high-touch areas at start and end of the day, and throughout the day.
  • Staff to wear face covers when interacting with students indoors and/or within less than 6 foot.
  • Students bring or wear provided face masks indoors, if this does not increase face touching.
  • We’ll provide frequent communication with all families of enrolled children, specific to all issues in the public health order.
  • You and your child(s) health and wellness are our highest priority!

LifeKour Academy
Eudaimonia Human Flourishing Center
4471 Parmalee Gulch Rd.
Indian Hills, Colorado 80454
(833) 568-7474