• Weds, 5:00-6:00pm
  • Teen/Adult (or level 5+)

This training is developed to teach 16+ year old students, and experienced students at level 5+, to progress through combination work and problem solving to successfully navigate new paths and challenges. From precision, bar work and combination vaults to advanced flips and twists, your skills will become more efficient and precise. The concepts of overcoming obstacles can also be applied beyond the discipline, helping students achieve life goals.

24′ March Madness: Unleash Your Inner Ninja with Parkour Training, only $99!
Train on Wednesdays for up to 3.5 hrs (2:30-6:00pm)! Bonus, free Saturday training for up to 3 hrs! (9:00am-12:00pm)
Open training format with coaches on the gym floor to guide in desired ninja and parkour goals.

Monthly Training Series – Starting April 2024! Wednesdays, 5:00-6:00pm.  Monthly trainings have limited space, lock-in your spot!

*Pre-registration required for this monthly program. If you need to miss a day your trainer will send you with a plan you can complete on the go, from anywhere! 

Note: Every student should wear comfortable clothes they can move in, and either be barefoot or bring gym shoes (this means shoes that have never been worn outside, and must have low tread.) Bring a water bottle. There is a free filtered water-bottle refill station available and snacks available for purchase.

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LIFEKour Academy
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LIFEKour Academy is a program of Eudaimonia HFC, whose mission is to develop authentic love and compassion to cultivate continual growth toward enduring happiness, penetrating wisdom, and optimal well-being.