Kettlebell Athletics

  • Teens & Adults

Time to get strong and sculpted with the most fun, rewarding working out around!
This beginner to advanced Kettlebell class is taught by experienced, certified Kettlebell Athletic Training instructors.
Some benefits of the Kettlebell exercise include:

  • Burn fat and increase lean muscle mass
  • Quick, achievable results
  • Improve strength and performance
  • Shape legs, back and shoulders
  • Firm stomach and glutes
  • Improve balance and core stability

*Pre-registration required.

Note: Every student should wear comfortable clothes they can move in, and either be barefoot or bring gym shoes (this means shoes that have never been worn outside, and must have low tread.)  Bring a water bottle. There is a free filtered water-bottle refill station available and snacks available for purchase.

COVID Protocols: Upon enter, we ask everyone to wash their hands, utilizing non-toxic sanitizing ozone at the faucet.  We disinfect the entire facility daily.  Due to our environment of high physical activity and training at high-heights, we do not require face covers during classes and open gym activities.


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