Frequently Asked Questions

Parkour & NinjaKour

What is Parkour?

Parkour is an athletic discipline with the express goal of moving as efficiently and quickly as possible from one point to another, over, under, around or through natural or ‘other’ obstacles, using only the innate abilities of the human body. The concept of “overcoming obstacles” can be applied beyond the discipline, helping a practitioner to achieve his or her goals in life.

What is Ninja Warrior Training in NinjaKour Classes?

Parkour and Ninja Warrior Training naturally complement one another. Utilizing our extensive parkour and ninja warrior obstacle course, our trained and/or certified coaches have the equipment and knowledge to help you excel in either and both pursuits.

You won’t find many ninjas pumping heavy iron. They prefer bodyweight training and calisthenics. At NinjaKour classes, ninjas will perform sets of every variety of pull-up including pronated (overhand), supinated (underhand), neutral (palms facing each other), and vertical grips from cylinders and ropes, as well as fingertip pull-ups from boards and rock wall climbing holds. The ability to grab and hold on to various shapes is essential, and diverse forms of bare-handed pull-ups will build that essential dexterity.

It is also essential to have quick leg power to propel them forward and upward. To build this type of balance and explosive strength, students will perform dynamic movements like sprints and squat jumps, and train in various Parkour skills. Core strength and endurance are also necessary, so exercises like hanging leg raises and all forms of planks are part of a typical class. Finally, they need superior balance, so maneuvering across beams, vertical posts, and horizontal straps is a common element.​

Is this dangerous?

While there is an inherent risk in any sport, parkour teaches one to move efficiently and safely over, under, and through obstacles and areas.

Who can do Parkour/NinjaKour?

Anyone and everyone! We offer classes and open gym sessions for all ages and abilities!

I am old, a girl, out of shape… can I do Kour Classes? (We actually hear these questions all the time.)

Yes! Being “Old” (What is old anyways?), out of shape (Everyone starts somewhere, and we’ll start where you are!), or a girl (Seriously? What is this, the 50s?) None of this has any bearing on your ability to excel and thrive in any of our Kour Class. All Kour Classes are about understanding your body and using it more effectively.

My son or daughter runs around and climbs on everything, is Parkour for him/her?

Yes, in fact this is the ideal place! We teach them to do so responsibly and safely. Read our Parent FAQs for more info, and feel free to ask us more questions.

Are you legit? Certified? Insured?

Yes! Our coaches are trained and/or certified by World Freerunning Parkour Federation, NASM, and Z Health. We are completely insured for all equipment, obstacles, and activities.

What do I need to do for my first class?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the facility, get changed, and fill out our waiver (you must have a parent signature if under 18!)​

What do I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable moving in! Most people prefer athletic shorts or pants, and a stretchy or loose-fitting shirt.​

What about shoes?

First, NO MUDDY shoes in the gym, period. Preferred, gym shoes you bring in a bag. Shoes with minimal tread and sticky rubber on the bottom are best. Also try for a flexible and light shoe. Most people prefer some padding on their shoes, especially as they are learning, but avoid shoes that have more than a finger width of foam. You want to have a good feel of the obstacle underneath you, and ideally be able to curl your toes around edges and rails. We also recommend zero-drop, or minimalist footwear because they promote stronger, healthier feet.​

What should I bring?

Bring a water bottle and a post-workout snack if you’d like. We have free access to filtered water for bottle refill. We have bottled water, other beverages, and snacks available for purchase.​

I am so sore the day after class, what should I do?

Even though we all did parkour as kids, you probably haven’t moved like this for years. Expect to be sore at first; it is a completely normal feeling for someone who is new to parkour and ninja warrior training! To help the soreness, we suggest you do some light exercise that day. Yes, it might hurt, but it will help quicken the recovery process! Other than that, don’t give up! Your body will adapt quickly as time goes on.​

When do I get to jump rooftops and flip off walls?

Parkour and Ninja Warrior Training is not about big jumps and flashy flips. We do not promote going on rooftops or taking big drops. However, as you master the fundamentals and develop a strong foundation of fitness, we will progress to harder, bigger, and more exciting skills.

Parent FAQs

This section was created to alleviate the fears of parents whose kids have told them they want to do parkour and/or ninja warrior training. This may put you at ease and answer many questions, but please feel free to ask more questions!


We don’t jump off buildings! We don’t tell your kids to jump off buildings!


We don’t teach your kids to do flips for a long time, not until they’re ready. Then only in a safe environment, with lots of mats, spotting, and progression.


Our coaches are trained and/or certified, by World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF), and trained and/or certified by Z Health. Our goal is not for your son/daughter to learn cool things to show their friends, but to help them grow up to evaluate and manage risks, be physically fit, and contribute to their community. We are insured!


It is not a free-for-all. Every class is structured, every activity is supervised, and every new movement is chosen based on the skill level of the student.


Parents love it as much as the kids. We can’t tell you how many parents love watching their kids get involved in Parkour. It’s active, it’s fun, and it creates actual, positive changes in their life. And some parents like that their kids get a scraped knee every once in a while. You know, like you used to… In fact, if you want to join them in the fun, you can sign up for FamilyKour to learn and play together.


It’s not expensive, not really, we are not here to take all of your money. There is no uniform to buy (but lots of shirts if you want them!). No special equipment is necessary.


Safety rules are reviewed at the beginning, and throughout, every class, open gym and at every obstacle station or section of the gym. Parents must sign a waiver for their child, before they can participate in any class, open gym, or use any of the equipment or obstacles of the facility. All Safety rules must be followed, at all times, for the safety of students and instructors. With all that said, your child may get scrapes and bruises. We have bandaids.

General FAQs

​Do you have locker rooms or showers?

No. However, we have bathrooms that can be used as changing rooms and hope to add showers in the future.​

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.​ Note: your credit card is safely stored in your account (just the last #4 digits visable).  Please let us know if you want us to delete it at anytime – no problem!

Refund Policy

*We issue credits and refunds whenever possible.

Punch Cards: no refunds available.

Single Class Payment: no refunds available.

Private Training: 48 reschedule notice.

Special Workshops/Series/Events: 2 weeks notice for refund.

Monthly Membership: 1 week notice is required (prior to auto-charges) to cancel monthly, re-cocuring memberships.  There is no fee to cancel your membership.

Party/Event Deposits: 2 week notice is required to reschedule your party or receive a credit for your deposit, usable for any other services at LIFEKour Academy.

Camps and Weekly or Drop-in Registered Childcare: 2 week notice is required for a full-refund and 1 week notice is required to change dates/weeks for summer sessions (Must be the same year).

How much is drop in for open gym? For a class?

Open gym drop-ins are $15 and classes are $20 drop-in. We also have multiple memberships. Click here to check out our Membership Options.

Do you have anything for kids/teens?

We have a Youth NinjaKour Program (Ninja Warrior and Parkour Training) for ages 5-12, and Parkour classes for older youth, teens, and adults (age and skill specific, 13+ or skill level). Click here to see all our Programs.

Is there access to the ninja warrior obstacles during open gym?

Certain obstacles are always up (warped wall, devil steps, slider, salmon ladder, etc) and can be used during regular open gym. Some obstacles of our ninja warrior course change from time to time. ALL obstacles and equipment require review of safety rules prior to every class and open gym.

How do I schedule a Birthday Party?

Click here to learn details about private parties.​

Do you have homeschool hours?

Homeschool students will learn the same curriculum as our other NinjaKour Youth & Teen students. We have Homeschool classes available mid-day for convenience. Click here to learn more about our Homeschool NinjaKour Program.

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